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How to Choose the Right Anti-Virus Software

Antivirus softwares are mainly used to protect computers against viruses, worms and Trojan horses. These softwares protect the computer by preventing the viruses to gain access to it, by detecting them if they have and removing them from the computer thus safeguarding your data. Choosing the best antivirus is a relatively easy process if you know what you are looking for.

Antivirus software can have many features to secure your computer. It can control nuisance threats, restrict access and enforce privacy. Nuisance threats don’t really do any damage to your data but the constant pop-ups can be quite irritating. Antivirus software can control it efficiently. The software can also restrict access to certain site. This is a very useful feature because now you don’t have to monitor your children’s net usage. This child-lock system can ensure that your children never stumble upon sites with explicit or questionable content. The software also enforces the privacy settings on your computer so that your various passwords to your accounts cannot be accessed by anyone except you. It can also protect private data in much the same manner.

Choosing the right antivirus for your computer is based completely on your needs. These software programs can either be purchased online and downloaded or can be bought at stores. The popular antivirus softwares are Norton Antivirus Firewall Software, McAffe Antivirus Firewall Software and Baracuda Antivirus Firewall Software. You must figure out what are your needs and what features are most beneficial to you. Antivirus programs once installed start scanning your computer periodically. You can set the scan timings from every 24 to weekly or even monthly. They find and quarantine the virus or damaged file making it easy for you to either fix or delete it.

There are also plenty of pitfalls when buying an antivirus software. Some antivirus softwares require unexpected renewals. This adds to the overall cost of the software because in a stipulated period of time you will be required to pay extra. You should also be aware that some malewares masquerade as antivirus programs. These seem like genuine softwares and once loaded can corrupt your files.

Some antivirus programs are designed to locate a corrupted file and immediately delete it. this is very helpful unless the scans detect a non-corrupt file as a virus and delete it without your consent. This could lead to unnecessary deleting of a lot of useful files. This situation is also known as a ‘False Positive’. The period of effectiveness of an antivirus is also sometimes very little. the effectiveness of the antivirus software is reduced because of the advent of new viruses. Viruses like Ransomware can totally avoid detection becoming a serious hazard to your computer.


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