PC Health Advisor Review – PC Health Advisor Software Download

PC Health AdvisorPC Health Advisor is our top choice and Most Popular and Trusted Registry Cleaner in 2011. Why do we consider this the best registry cleaner? Well, because it’s one of the few products that actually does what it advertises. The biggest fulfillment is that it produces a real PC performance boost. The package is a very small download that does not require a lot of resources to run it.

If you are looking for a software program to do everything in regards to protecting your computer and keeping it moving quickly, then this PC virus removal software is for you. This program can make your computer run faster and perform better. It does this by optimizing your Window operating system, fixing outdated drivers, repairing registry errors, repairing fragmented memory, removing malware, and generally combating the clutter on your PC.

PC Health Advisor Software is a comprehensive program for your Windows based PC. It puts several types of programs that are essential to keeping your PC running as optimal as possible. With the software you can fix issues, clean out files you no longer use and optimize the running of your computer. This allows you to only have one program to keep your computer running at its best. You can get this program for your Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems.

PC Health Advisor Review

PC Health Advisor: Features and Benefits

PC Health Advisor starts off with a thorough system scan. Results are given in terms of Privacy Files, Malware Processes, Startup Processes, Active Processes, and Registry Problems. You are then given the choice to resolve any or all of the issues that have been noted by the program. For example, choosing to clean the registry will have PC Health Advisor get rid of the excess registry entries that it found. Optimizing Startup Processes is an easy way to prevent programs from loading during the boot phase of your computer – one of the biggest causes of a slow startup.

PC Health Advisor has many tools to help you get your computer in tip-top shape:

  • Full System Scan – scan and get rid of excess registry entries and temporary internet files, as well as malware
  • Registry Cleaner – clean up your computer’s registry
  • Malware Detection – detects and removes any active malware processes running in your computer
  • Active Process Manager – review the processes that are running on your system
  • Startup Manager – easily manage programs that load during bootup & speed up boot time
  • Browser Helper Object (BHO) Manager – manage and disable browser helpers such as toolbars
  • Privacy Scan – Easily get rid of sensitive files such as temporary internet files and visited URLs

PC Health Advisor Spyware has a very clean and easy to understand interface, and you’ll be able to quickly figure out how to use the software. There is also a good help document included that explains all the features and how to use them. This is helpful for people who may not be as computer savvy and won’t know what everything is at first glance.

Is PC Health Advisor A Scam?

No! PC Health Advisor is published by ParetoLogic, a reputable software distributor. They offer money back satisfaction guarantees on all their products. We know that if you’re not satisfied that you can get a full refund. They have a toll free number that you can call with any questions.

Will PC Health Advisor Help My Computer?

Usually if your computer is running very slowly it’s a matter of lots of file accumulation in the various parts of your operating system. Usually cleaning it out will help a tremendous amount. Especially with the extra features such as the driver update tool, the defrag option, and the malware removal capability, we think that PC Health Advisor is a great way to get your computer running well again.

Customer Support

You can contact ParetoLogic via their customer service page. An email address, as well as a mailing address is supplied. While they can help with technical issues regarding their software, they won’t be able to provide specific advice for any computer problem you have. However, the software is very intuitive to use. If you know how to send an email, then you have the required skills to install and run PC Health Advisor without any help.

PC Health Advisor is a great way to get your computer running at peak performance. Many times issues and errors are caused by excess files, registry entries, outdated drivers, and other problems. PCHA is equipped to handle and clear up all these problems and more. It’s a true all around utility that’s easy to use and safe. ParetoLogic offers excellent customer service and support as well as a money back satisfaction guarantee on all their products.

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