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The Lord gave me this word recently, but waited to release it because I felt there was more He wanted to share.

There are trajectory shifts happening that are causing many to be catapulted into multiple areas of alignment. Many have been waiting, toiling, standing and asking, “When is it going to be the opportune time for the things that the Lord has spoken to come to pass?” For many of you, His timing is upon you; for others, you are still in the process of being aligned with His perfect timing.

A Season of Deliverance, Healing and Alignment

God is moving on your behalf by bringing you deep deliverance that will move you into His alignment. It is an Isaiah 60:22 season; He will accomplish it.

“The smallest family will become a thousand people, and the tiniest group will become a mighty nation. At the right time, I, the LORD, will make it happen.” (Isaiah 60:22)

The Lord showed me that there are parts of the heart that He wants to heal, deliver and bring wholeness to—parts of the heart that have never been touched. He wants to bring deep healing and deliverance to these untouched areas, where pain and hurt have resided for a very long time.

I felt the tender love of the Lord coming into these areas, bringing instant healing, refreshment and hope once again. I saw these parts of the heart being healed and revived as His resurrection power flowed. (Photo via Unsplash)

My Timing Is About to Find You

Then I felt the Lord say, “Though the wait and process have been long, and you have looked for My timing, now I say to you that My perfect timing is about to find you. You are closer than you have ever been to seeing My opportune timing. I am working in and around your atmosphere to bring these trajectory shifts, where what I have spoken—you are going from standing on the Word to the manifestation of My Word.

“These are the days where your latter shall be greater than the former. I have not mistaken what I have spoken to you. And the fulfillment of My Word coming in and over your life will overtake you like a wave crashing through. It will be the sudden move of My Spirit that will usher you suddenly into all that I have spoken to you and more.”

He Is Bringing You Your Tribe

He is changing the landscape around you as His word is coming forth over your life. He is removing certain people and things from your life to make room for His plans. You are coming out of those places of familiarity, and for some, away from those with whom you have been familiar. He is bringing you your tribe—the people that you are called to run with and that will run with you. It will be a two-way street of receiving. They will understand and receive what you are carrying, and help you carry out your assignments.

It is time to put away the mundane things, and the old way of doing things, so you can go forward and into the right alignments for this season. The right alignments are necessary to fulfill the assignments that He has put on your life. For the Lord did not call you to be a stepping stone or footstool for others, but a catalyst to help facilitate the new move of God that He has called you to help bring forth in this hour.

A Clarion Call to Focus on What He Is Saying

I also feel that there is a clarion call from the Lord to focus more than ever on what He is saying to us, and to not get caught up in anything else outside of that. We are in a time of seeing the Lord move like we have never seen Him move before. We can’t stay in a place of complacency. He is not moving like He moved yesterday, as we are going from glory to glory. He is moving way outside the box, and many won’t recognize that it is Him because they have become too familiar with His former way of doing things, or with how they think He is going to move in this new era.

In another word the Lord gave me, He told me that these are the days of Enoch, and I believe they are also the days of Elijah, too. We must be attentive to what He is saying and where He is leading, for He is taking many into the unknown depths of His glory. (Photo via Pixabay)

Building with Blueprints

There are things that God is calling you to build in this new season, and they will cause you to tread on new territory and go against the grain. In the building, you may feel inadequate or incapable, but know that the Lord is with you in the building, even when it seems to be the complete opposite or doesn’t make sense. What He is calling you to build will not look like what others are building.

In a previous word, the Lord spoke to me about blueprints, and as I wrote this word, I felt an emphasis on blueprints again. There are brand new blueprints and downloads that the Lord is giving you; some are for now, and some are for later.

The Place of Expectancy – From Waiting to Accelerating

I also felt that He is accelerating what He is calling you to build, where some things will happen overnight because of the powerful move of His Spirit coming upon you to bring breath to the vision.

I am reminded of Habakkuk 2:3: “For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”

The Lord is bringing things forth that will leave you in awe and wonder of His power.

The place of waiting is turning into expectancy—that at any given moment, the fulfillment of His Word and promises will come to pass.

Lorilei Cooley
Lorilei Cooley Ministries

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Lorilei Cooley was born and raised in Texas. She came to know the Lord in 2008 and from there on out, her life was never the same. She started attending a local church for a few years and began a process that eventually led to her ministry and calling to be a prophet. After years of preparation, training and equipping, the Lord relocated her to Chicago where she stepped into her new assignment and fulfillment of destiny. Although facing many obstacles and challenges in moving, the Lord helped her overcome some of the most difficult times of trial and some of her greatest fears. Throughout the years she has been learning the voice of the Lord on a deeper level to grow in intimacy with Jesus. Her heart is to encourage the Body of Christ through prophetic writings from the Father’s heart, to hearing His voice and to awaken others into their true identity in Christ through equipping and training, teaching strategies, unlocking doors and breaking through dimensional barriers through healing and deliverance.