Go Believe

Our mission is to help you establish a genuine connection with Jesus Christ, a living and accessible person with whom you can communicate and hear from. If you perceive Christianity as a mere set of regulations and customs, you might not be enjoying the fullness of life. Our goal is to guide you toward the truth so that you may embrace a life of abundance and faith.

The Basics

Salvation or becoming a Christian is the first step.

No Comdemnation...ever

Sin is not the issue, so don’t let it sideline you. Its all about relationship.

Hearing Jesus

Relationship is built through conversations


Following rules or having total freedon?


Key to freedom from the past

My Story

Former alcoholic, bi, divorced, then set free to live


Healings, miracles and more are an every day occurance

Super Heroes

Some of the folks we find encouragement through


Show your the world that you Believe

You can find other great books at


Hear other voices about Jesus