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Spiritual Gifts

The Holy Spirit dwells within everyone who has become a Christian and as such, He bring all His baggage with Him.  As a believer, we get to partner with Him as we minister to others.  This may include healings, acts of great faith, and doing signs and wonders.  These are meant to part of our everyday experience.  Below we offer more details about some of the gifts in the hope that become real to your everyday life.


Relationship with Jesus is built upon a relationship where you and Him talk to each other.  Some folks have gotten so good at hearing Him, that they have gone beyond and have developed a ministry of sharing what God has shared with them.  We call these folks prophets.  Below are some prophets that have proven track records that we have come to trust.

Serving the Body

These gifts may not look like anything special to many, but as you get involved with the nuts and bolts of these gifts you recognize quickly that it takes a special person to do them.  They include:

  • Hospitality – These folks are the people that no matter what is thrown their way when you encounter them you are made to feel welcomed and are not a bother.
  • Administration – The folks that can look at a situation or project and get folks organized and doing what needs to be done.
  • Serving – These folks are the behind-the-scenes folks that show up early to set up, drop in to mow the grass for a neighbor, or just roll up their sleeves whenever it is needed.
  • Encouragement – These folks just have a way to know how to come alongside of someone and say just the right things to help you keep going, even if it is saying nothing at all.
  • Mercy – These folks take you just as you are and don’t look at your past or actions, they just want to you to know love in every situation.

Hearing-Speaking Gifts

This group of gifts has its foundation in hearing from God.  They hear in different ways, but they have learned how to recognize God’s leading and then share that message with those God puts in front of them.

  • Prophecy – This is all about hearing God’s heart about a situation.  It is not to be confused with fortune telling, rather it always builds up and is loving, just like Jesus.
  • Knowledge – At times, God drops in some information about a person or situation that they would have no way of knowing.  This is often a sign that God is real in a situation or is a key for God to bring His healing to the person.
  • Discernment – Since the spiritual world is very real, these folks get insights from God about what is going on.  They can tell if “the devil made me do it” or if it was just a bad habit showing itself.
  • Tongues – This is the ability to speak a language that the person has not learned.  In some settings it is a language the hearer recognizes, at other times it is a heavenly language that needs interpretation.
  • Interpretations – If a person speaks in a heavenly language, this person has the ability to understand what is being said and lets the hearers know.

Healing, Signs & Wonders

These gifts are the ones that get the attention of folks around them by doing things that can not be explained any other way except that God did something.  As one pastor said, “God is the God of signs and wonders and at times the signs make you wonder.”

  • Miracles – this is a broad category but includes God doing things that should not be possible.  To those that have seen it for themselves, they will never have a doubt about God, yet to those that have only heard stories, they may start to have hope and faith, or they it may just grow their skepticism.
    • Healings – giving sight to the blind, limbs growing even bringing the dead back to life.
    • Deliverances – Demon possession or oppression, doesn’t matter but God intervenes and they are set free.
    • Other – While the old testament tells of fire from heaven or the sun standing still, the stuff I am aware of today is still amazing.  Keys locked in the car, “just” dropping into a pants pocket, covering great distances in the car in moments, feeding hundreds in a Mexican dump with only enough food that should have fed 50.
  • Faith – To the folks that partner with God on these miracles, they often have a gifting to believe for the impossible.  

Church Gifts

These gifts should be found in every ministry.  Sometimes they are different people, each with a gift or at times, one person may have more than one, but seldom is it one person does it all.  Some may refer to these as “offices”.

  • Apostles – Think of these folks as leaders of leaders, the influencers and visionaries that challenge the status quo and are willing to take risks in order to see God’s kingdom established here on earth.
  • Evangelists – Folks that share God’s word with those that have not heard about Jesus in such a way that they respond.  Think Billy Graham or Luis Palau.
  • Pastors – AKA Shepards, are those that have a heart for God’s people and care deeply for them.  They may preach at a church, but that is only one small part.  Caring for His people is the mainstay.
  • Teachers – These folks have a way of taking scripture and making it understandable to folks like you and me.
  • Prophets – They have the ability to hear God, but now do so by giving words to the larger church.  Often associated with ministries like the folks below.

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Lana Vawser

Toronto, Ontario

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Joseph Z

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Dutch Sheets

Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina

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Robert Henderson

Waco, Texas


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Hank Kunneman

Omaha, Nebraska

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Charlie Shamp

Moravian Falls, North Carolina

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These prophetic voices are great to add to your walk with God, but they should never replace your own time listening to God and digging into His word.