The other day I was in a cafeteria eating and I overheard some ladies that belong to a gospel choir talking about a member of their choir who performed at a concert, about how they should have done a better job.

Have you ever dealt with a situation where some musicians feel they should be the ones playing instead of the other person? Or where singers feel they should be chosen to lead the praise or sing the solos to a song?

Somehow it creates a tense atmosphere within the praise team or choir though no one wants to speak about it. Some might say some conflicts are needed to improve an existing situation. Hmmmmm! I believe such situations could also be improved by good diplomacy and submission to authorities put in place by God.

What to do!

Clear definition of roles among singers and musicians- Some people have the ability to play several instruments. There should be proper coordination to avoid a situation where people would be moving from one instrument to the other at their own will.

Avoid showing preferences– Everyone should be given equal treatment, it increases the need to commit. Many times inequality in the way people are treated generates strife and envy.

Having good and capable leadership– The leader should be a person that is to a great extent, beyond reproach and should not be part of the problem or conflict.

Unbiased pastoral interference– In handling conflicts, a holistic look at the issue involved would help to create a balanced judgment. Not being quick to point accusing fingers saves a lot of heartaches.

Even distribution of roles among musicians and singers– It adds variety to praise and worship songs when different singers and players are given opportunity to minister.

Praying for one another– Most people go through a lot of issues they have not been able to and/or cannot share. Most outward expressions are reflections of the state of our minds.

Conflicts will always try to arise where there are two or more people gathered, primarily because we would differ in ideas and thoughts concerning issues.

A good friend of mine said it better “It does not really matter who leads, the goal is to get the job done good (by the whole team)”. It calls for teamwork!

There is no limit to the effectiveness of our praise and worship when we better understand how to deal with avoidable conflicts.

Source by Alexander A Jerry