“Holding Hands” is a very inspirational song sang by Steve Green. Every lyrics of this song is very realistic and inspiring. The song reminds us that although, married life is not easy, but with genuine love and faith in God, every couple can be able to surpass life’s challenges.

The first stanza of the song talks about how two people fell in love with each other and vowed to never part. Their love is intense. They promised each other to be together forever. Until reality sinks in that marriage is coupled with a lot of responsibilities. They need to face their bills, rear the children and provide for all of the family’s needs. This is reality in every love story. It is not at all times over flowing with milk and honey. But with God holding them together, everything falls into place. It is not easy, but with God’s grace everything is bearable.

The song reminds every couple how important it is not to let go of each others hands especially during the times of crisis and difficulty. It shows us that true love is indeed very powerful. It gives every couple the strength and courage to go on with life despite life’s challenges and difficulty. The most important thing is that the couple should face the world’s challenges together and holding hands.

The song also reminds us of the sanctity of marriage. It elaborates how important your marriage vows are. Remember that you promised each other to love each other for better or for worst for richer or for poorer until death do you part. This marriage vow is sacred. And every couple who promised God that they will forever love each other no matter what happens should keep their promise. And this is what this song emphasizes. The promise you made during the wedding was not only between you as a couple but also between God. Therefore you must keep it. And with God’s grace, you as a couple will be able to endure life’s challenges if you keep your love for God and for each other burning with passion. Keep God at the center of your relationship and it’s a guarantee that you will not only hold each other’s hands but God will also hold your hands.

Source by Suzanne Nichols