The following is a list of 100 word book review of the books that have helped me manage different types of stress at different stages and periods of my life. These books are written by various authors such as Joyce Meyer, Judy Jacobs, Bishop T.D. Jakes and Dr. Daniel Olukoya. Some of the books such as Managing Stress with the Word of God and SWORD WORDS I have written myself and have been healed as I wrote them for as many writers will testify, writing is therapeutic.

Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer taught me, and it’ll teach you, that The Battle of your Life is fought in your mind. If your stressors or the enemy defeats you in your mind, then you are truly defeated. But, if they have defeated you physically, but they haven’t defeated mentally, then they really haven’t won because you still have the come-back seed within you. Therefore, pray, trust in God and eradicate negativity by meditating on the Word of God and on the works of God. And, you’ll win the battle with the help of the Spirit of God.

10 Commandments of Working in a Hostile Environment by Bishop T.D. Jakes instructed me to pray and fill myself with Scriptures to prevent mental distress. It helped me view my workplace as God’s training ground for my future assignments and not as my final destination. This taught me to rely only on Him for recognition and promotion. It tipped me on the pitfalls of trying to fit into groups instead of trying to fit into God’s plan for my life. And, it encouraged me to create multiple sources of income and create regular family time, fun time and self care-time.

Take It By Force by Judy Jacobs taught me how to boldly press, push and pursue my possessions using violent faith and aggressiveness in the spirit while standing on God’s word, proclaiming His promises and expecting a miracle. This book reminded me that fasting and prayer (even of one person) are very powerful forces that should be wielded to defeat hindrances to my breakthroughs. It urged me to fill myself with God’s word as I envelop myself with fortifying praise and worship music. It reiterated that I should inherit the God’s promises through faith and patience and never give up.

Prayer Rain by Dr. Daniel Olukoya has taught me many powerful prayers and how to pray powerfully. These powerful prayers are grouped in chapters where they are preceded by an introduction and Scriptures for meditation. The powerful prayers address issues such as fighting anti-conception powers, anti- marriage powers, bondage, destiny killers, defeat, destructive agreements, curses, desert spirits, evil altars, evil hands, evil growths, evil linkage, failure, fear, home destroyers, household wickedness, non-achievement, oppressors, opposition, perversion, soul ties, snail spirits, satanic agents, stubborn situations, sickness and witchcraft. Prayer Rain also gives several fasting schedules to make your powerful prayers more effective.

Managing Stress with the Word of God by Dr. Miriam Kinai teaches you how to combine Biblical Principles and Medical Techniques to manage stress effectively. It teaches you how to apply the following Biblical Principles to your stressful situation: Seek the Lord, Open your heart and life to Jesus, Trust in Jesus and stop worrying, Transform yourself by renewing your mind, Position yourself strategically, Wait on the Lord and Obey God. It trains you how to execute the following Medical Techniques: Abdominal Breathing, Christian Meditation, Eating Healthily, Exercising Regularly, Sleeping Adequately, Resting Sufficiently and Complimentary Hobbies to counter stress pleasantly.

Rules of Relaxation by Dr Miriam Kinai covers the A to Z of relaxation by teaching you 130 simple relaxation techniques to ensure that stress will never distress you. Topics covered include: Assert Yourself, Breathe Deeply, Cast your Burdens, Drink Herbal Teas, Establish Social Support, Formulate Realistic Goals, Guard your Heart, Have Complimentary Hobbies, Identify Personal Stressors, Jaunt, Keep the Sabbath, Listen to Music, Meditate on the Word, Nab a Nap, Optimize Stress, Pamper Yourself, Quash Sin, Reason Rationally, Schedule News Fasts, Trust God, Use Cognitive Restructuring, Veto Worry, eXperiment with Aromatherapy, Yield to the Lord and Zap Job Stress.

SWORD WORDS by Dr. Miriam Kinai teaches you how to fight the good fight (1 Timothy 6:12) using the SWORD of the Spirit which is the WORD of God (Ephesians 6:17). It demystifies the enemy’s strategies, explains the battle plan and elucidates tactical positioning and effective communication with your backup. SWORD WORDS contains compiled SWORD WORDS or Scriptures to fight for your family, finances, health, marriage, ministry, peace of mind, self confidence and sleep. It also contains SWORD WORDS to fight addiction, condemnation, confusion, danger, death, despair, fear, a foul mouth, impatience, laziness, loneliness, opposition, pride, sadness, vengeance, and worry.

Resolving Conflicts just like Jesus Christ by Dr Miriam Kinai uses Biblical examples from Jesus Christ to King Solomon to teach you how to resolve conflicts effectively and increase the peace in your home, the productivity of your ministry and the profitability of your business. Topics covered include Conflict Resolution Strategies (e.g. Pray Over It, Pay Attention, Proffer Something and Procure Something); Third Party Mediation Techniques (e.g. Set The Ground Rules, Select The Priorities, Suggest Possible Solutions and Step Through Impasses); Conflict Reduction and Prevention Strategies (e.g. Draw on Parables, Disagree Agreeably, Demarcate Your Boundaries and Depart From The Scoffer).

Managing Stress for Teens by Dr. Miriam Kinai teaches teenagers Biblical principles, medical techniques and life skills to manage teenage stressors. Topics covered include resisting alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and overcoming addiction. It edifies them to resist peer pressure and fight sexual temptation, fornication, pornography and homosexuality. It trains them to cope with family problems like abuse, problematic siblings and pressure from parents. It teaches them to manage worry, confusion, fear, despair, guilt, loneliness and shyness. It schools them to deal with bullying, teachers and exams. It clarifies Jesus and helps them answer “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”

Source by Miriam Kinai