Is there anything better than the standard devotional time we have all been taught?

Let’s agree to define the standard devotional time as a quiet time which includes Bible reading, prayer, worship and intercession. It may include a prayer list and a Bible reading plan. I certainly have nothing against this as it has benefitted many people. I have NOT had such a devotional approach for at least the last 35 years, if not longer. I do something different.

My devotional times are spontaneous and flow from my heart

I get up in the morning and tune to flow, and do what flow directs me to. I know that the flow within me is the River of the Holy Spirit (Jn. 7:37-39) and so I let Him lead in the love relationship and the communication which comes forth. I do the same thing with my wife in the morning. I give her a hug and tell her that I love her and whatever conversation transpires is that which is right for the moment we are living in. 

This means my devotional time is varied, interactive and designed to meet the exact point of need in my heart and God’s hearts. This is perfect for me, and is what I believe God desires.

This all kind of came to a head recently as I was on the phone with a gentleman who has a great need for healing in his life and wanted counseling. I suggested our training on how to hear God’s voice and prayers that heal the heart as a place to get started. He agreed these were perfect but could not find the time to fit them in.

I recommended he listen to streaming audio during his one-hour train commute to work. He said that he used that time for his devotions. I suggested to him that if he would use these training modules during his devotional time, this would make his devotional times perfect as this would be providing God’s healing touch to the exact areas of his life which needed it. He agreed and decided to switch.

Make your devotional times living encounters with Almighty God

So I offer to you this suggestion: Let your devotional times be times of actual encounter with Almighty God, and let God lead in selecting what should be covered during these times, so that exactly what you need is exactly what you get, and the effectiveness of your prayer time is maximized. 

See what topic the Holy Spirit “lights up” for you from these lists

  1. This Spirit-Led Prayer Organizer overviews 40 different ways I have learned to interact successfully with my divine lover and receive His grace. I have used them all at different times, and remain open to using any of them the Spirit brings to my attention on any given day. Of course, He is not limited to only these 40.
  2. Any of the topical blogs listed here could be great resources for daily devotionals. You can select the topic the Holy Spirit wants to work on in your life, and meditate on these blogs (full of Scriptures), which deal with the area that you are pursuing a breakthrough in. God will give you the personal revelation needed to gain a full victory in that area of your life! 
  3. Do a search of any topic on your heart, by clicking here. Type in any word or phrase and see what resources appear.

Spend a minimum of six to twelve weeks on an area, meditating on the topic and practicing it intentionally until you have mastered it. Once you have your personal breakthrough, God will direct you to the next area you are to explore and master.