It can never be denied that in every wedding there is that moment when the mother fully absorbs the realization that her boy is now really going to have a family of his own. Indeed the cord that binds that of a mother and her son transcends any boundaries. So that when it’s the son’s turn to take his bride, the mother is of high hopes that her son will never forget the lessons she has taught him.

At the venue wedding, visitors will never miss the part of hearing that familiar mother-son wedding song. It becomes a tribute to the son for his mother for all those times of she had been continuously taking care of him from infant until such time he decides to get married. It could also be a tribute of the mother for the son so that the son will never forget that despite the fact that he got married, he still got a mother, the mother who will always be there for him no matter what. Most of these mother-son songs come with a mellow music and sweet lyrics that even mother visitors and witnesses will be reminded about their sons too and reminisce those days they are still under their foster care. In return, son visitors will also be mesmerized with the realization that their mothers will always be there for them when everything or something went wrong – to catch them still when they nearly hit the ground.

Indeed, while most couples have numerous of songs to choose from for their wedding day, they will never miss to include as part of the wedding a mother-son wedding song. Mothers deserve to be serenaded too on the wedding day of their most beloved son. It is the ultimate point or the turning point when mothers may have a clear picture of how they big their boy has become and a moment to be proud that their sons are capable of making their own families, the way she was able to brought her son up.

There can be nothing more fascinating than seeing a mother and a son dancing together with a waltz music of a mother-son wedding song or a son singing a mother-son wedding song for his mother. “How time can really fly indeed”, that must have been the thought of every mother while hearing a mother-son song during their son’s own wedding. That is probably why a mother becomes teary eyed if not crying during her son’s wedding.

Mother – son wedding songs may be composed by the son himself if the son happens to be a musician or if he is inclined to music, or may be played on piano by a visitor who gives a tribute to the wedding for his groom friend or by a hired orchestra. It also comes with a plain serenade or acapella from the groom’s men. It may be freely downloaded through the internet and played at the venue by a witness. The core point is, in every wedding, it is never an event of a son being separated from his mother but rather a preparation for both the mother and the son to be a part of a new beginning of each other’s lives.

Source by Suzanne Nichols