If you are contemplating whether to try to learn the guitar so you can play worship music then I am going to chime in with a resounding, “Go for it!” Just the fact that you are beginning to have that desire (or that you have had that desire for a long time is an indication you should jump in and get started. If God has laid it on your heart to explore your talent in that area then you should definitely give it a go. Along those lines, I just wanted to give you some pointers as you get started.

The first thing you will need is a guitar. When you are starting out your guitar doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. In fact, I recommend that you buy a less expensive guitar at first, especially since you don’t know whether you are going to like it or whether you are going to get bored with it and stop playing. Go to your local guitar shop and have someone there show you around. Most major brands have entry level guitars that are not too expensive, but will be much higher quality than any guitar you try to buy at a department store. Let them know what type of sound you are looking for and have them strum a few (I am assuming you know nothing about how to play yet) so you walk out with something you really like the sound and feel of. And buy a capo and a book of chords with it. Even if you don’t know what those are, trust me, you’ll want to own them both as you are learning.

The second thing you will need is some way to learn. A great option is to take lessons with an instructor. It is best to have someone right there to ask questions you may have and to take care of problems as they come up. The drawback is that they can be expensive and they can only take care of your questions during the lesson. If any concerns come up during the rest of the week then you are out of luck until the next learning session. Despite those drawbacks, 1-on-1 instruction is the best way to go.

Another great option is through videos that you purchase at the guitar store or that can be downloaded online. Some of the advantages to this are that you can watch them any time you want, as many times as you want, until you get things right and they are also only a one time expense. This is great on the pocket book. You can also work at your own pace. There are no expectations that you will have practiced a certain amount before you come in the next time. We can all get busy some weeks so it’s nice to get that kind of flexibility.

If you are on the fence about whether to pick up the guitar and start learning, I really encourage you to do it. It may open up a chance to learn something knew that God can use in your life and to bless others. And be patient with yourself. It can be tough at first, but eventually your fingers will learn where to go and will go there pretty naturally. Good luck in your new endeavor and happy playing!!

Source by Roger Stidham